Mitchell Fields - Chef & Kitchen Manager

Mitchell brings a vast amount of knowledge and experience to the DUCK team. His skills are limitless & his creativity is ever evolving. Having worked and trained in some of the best eating establishments our beautiful state has to offer, Mitchell strives to bring that caliber of service and quality to the DUCK. Mitchell lives local, and has his entire life.

Leyna Orr - Chef & Dining Room Manager

Leyna's passion and dedication is second to none. The DUCK is her home. Family, friends, and colleagues come here to eat her food. She throws it down, and ensures that EVERYTHING is homemade, and if its not...the next day, and forever, it is.  Leyna is a culinary trained chef that takes great passion in serving people, and it really shows in the food that leaves the kitchen. Leyna lives local, and has her entire life..

Ryan Atwood - Creative & Branding

Everything that you see - touch - and hear, Ryan has created. He and the team work endlessly together to develop a brand, an experience, something to remember, and something you will share with your friends, families, and colleagues. Ryan lives local, and has his entire life.